Interview with SUZANNE VERWEIJ, Record Collector from Breda

Suzanne Verweij aka suuzvinyl is a 30-year old record collector from Breda in the Netherlands who has been collecting vinyl for over 10 years. How passionate Suzanne is about “vinylism” says the fact that her vinyl collection currently counts about 800 titles, with Rock and Pop leading the game.

Suzanne is also active on Instagram where she shares photos of her turntable setup, records, and a bunny called Eddie.

How did you go about starting your vinyl collection, and how long has it been since you are a record collector?

In 2006 I started to live on my own and I thought it would be cool and nostalgic (and that makes me laugh now) to buy a record player. My mum and I went to a thrift shop and bought the Sony PS-LX-45 for € 10,- I listened to the records that my mum and dad used to listen to. In 2015 my boyfriend Pieter and I bought our first high-end set up. Big investment, so worthy. And that’s how it all started…

What was the first vinyl you bought or received?

When I totally got into vinyl I started asking my family if they had any records left. My uncle gave me about 50 records. Those records were not only from him, but also from my dad. My dad is married to his sister, so… And what a great records they gave me: Dire Straits, Stephen StillsThe Eagles, John Lennon, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many many more. I’m so thankful for that.

Photo: suuzvinyl

How large is your vinyl collection? 

I have about 800 records. And yes, I also have an IKEA Kallax. 😉

How do you go about choosing which record will have a place in your collection? Do you usually check new albums online, or do you grab a record just “out of the blue,” or it’s a mixed bag of these two?

I love to buy records that have a great sleeve, especially on vacations in other countries. Because mostly I haven’t heard of that band before. Sometimes I’ll check them out before buying, but most of the time they’ll just be put on my turntable. Always a nice surprise!

It took 5 years of waiting after the release of the new album from London Grammar. They played a show on the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen this year. I felt in love with their single the first time i heard. Because I knew that they would play new songs, I decided not to buy their record. I want to hear the new songs for the first time at the live show. No regrets: it was amazing! And yes; of course I bought the album right after the show. 😉

Where from do you get your records usually?

I shop at thrift shops and our local record stores. I also like to buy records at flea markets. And if I’m on a holiday I always going to check out the record stores. If there’s one special album that’s not for sale anywhere else I’ll checkout Discogs. I still want a copy of Urban Cookie Collective with their song “The Key.” A big ’90s hit!

What is the most valuable record in your collection? And do you have sort of a wishlist with records that you want to get one day? 

That has to be Pearl JamNo Code. Yes, the original one from 1996. I’ve bought it in a record store in Gent, Belgium. Such a great album and artwork. Luckily they released it last year for the second time so now we all can enjoy this beautiful album.

Actually I don’t have a wishlist. Via Instagram I see what’s new or what I need to check out. I even buy vinyl if the sleeve looks cool to me. 🙂

Photo: suuzvinyl

Tell me about your turntable setup (turntable, preamp, speakers,…).

My turntable is the Rega RP3 with the Elyes 2 element. I Iove the simplicity of it. The white wooden board and the black tonearm gives it a clean look. And it looks very nice with the white speakers from Bowers and Wilkins: the 707 S2. I also have a Rega amplifier and the Rega TT PSU. And all those great equipment together makes listening to vinyl awesome.

Do you have any advices for people that are about to start or just started collecting vinyls?

I started with a Sony record player and that’s a good start. But I definitely would recommend to visit a Hi-Fi store so you can experience the power of vinyl. Experience? Yes, from now on, you not just listen to music but experience it! I listened my music on MP3 and on CD but once you’ve heard them on vinyl; you are sold. So much more depth, warmth and you can even hear more instruments. Those things all together is just the way the artist wants it to sound like! I had so much fun hearing “‘my” old music for the first time on vinyl, it was so much better!

Go ask your family and friends if they have records. Go to thrift shops and last but not least: support your local record store. Of course you can buy records online. But it’s so much more satisfying to go through all these beautiful records and have a nice chat with the owner. You need them; the record store and they need you. And every year there is that special day that every record collector loves: Record Store Day. Next year on the 21st of April. Go check it out!

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