BLAME’s Sophomore EP “Almanac” is a Riff Machine

A nicely varied style is brought to the table with Almanac, and Blame from Ukraine is certainly able to bring together a gelling of sounds that strikes a chord within the listener. They are capable of bringing a rather tangled sound into the open that completely floors you with its seeming complexities, yet the well put together aspect of the EP gives it the consistency it needs to be something that catches your attention. The compassion the mainman Valeri Golub (guitar, bass, production) plays with is undeniable and furthers him into the realm of wanting to bring about truly thoughtful music. Golub is joined by a very versatile vocalist Anich Andrew, and Nile’s blastbeat machine George Kollias.

Firstly, when investigating Blame’s riff patterns, one can see a complex approach as Golub layers the music, with the bass nicely underlying how the rest of the music sounds. This shows similarities to bands like Cynic and Death in the most progressive moments, although there seems to be a little more of a straight out need to pummel to be found here. A degree of abrasiveness is thus added to their style, although don’t let that stop you from enjoying the warped sounds they create.

If Blame pushed their thoughts into further wackiness we might even see a greater inventiveness arise as a result. Regardless, there are enough twists and turns to keep you wildly entertained as Blame can generate a bright style to invigorate the mind. “Almanac” is for people that like to straight ahead headbang along with a thinking aspect to their metal and this makes for an interesting listen. For some of the more compelling material on the album, check out “Chalice,” which features subdued moments to go along with the complex dynamics the guys are able to put forth.

Overall, “Almanac” is one to check out for fans of the more progressive pastures of progressive death metal and goes recommended highly to these fans in particular.

Blame is on Facebook, Bandcamp and YouTube.

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