BLUNT Will Pound You Into Submission with “Broken Down”

Blunt is a fairly new band from De Kalb who just put out their new album entitled Broken Down. What’s on offer here is super-fuzzed out heavy psych/stoner rock with enough sharp riffs to take down Mount Everest, and played in a way you’ve never heard before. It’s perhaps nothing new per se, but what makes this album stand out and sound different, in better words, is the approach to the music and the sheer talent on hand.

There are “only” six tracks on this recording, which clocks in at just over 37 minutes. Some might complain about a shortage of songs but I say the opposite. The way Broken Down pans out over this time and track span works fantastically well. Opener “Working Poor” is a steamrolling riff-fest that grinds you down to dust while simultaneously catapulting you out into a claustrophobic, nightmarish state of being. Blunt keeps pummeling you until no resistance is left and all you can do is give in and let this sonic juggernaut carry you away. “Let the Dead Bury the Dead” slows down the pace somewhat — not much — yet the band is still relentless and punishing. While one guitar unleashes riff after hard-driving riff, the other play soaring, trippy leads on top of it while the bass guitar and drums keeps it all together. Spaced out and brutal at the same time, can’t get much better than that. The longest song on the album, “24 Pack” picks it up slightly sending out High On Fire/Sleep vibes. Hypnotic, mesmerizing and pulverizing, there’s a lurking evil in the shadows waiting to pounce once the time is right. The soloing is blinding and free-flowing offering some respite before the clutches of darkness gets its grasp on you. Closer “Parasite” is, just like the other songs, punishing in it’s mid-tempo pace, but even more heavy. A great ending to a great record!

What sets Blunt apart is, like I stated earlier in their approach and know-how within the ranks. But other factors are how deftly they blend riffs, vocal-style, tempos and feelings in a way I haven’t come across within this musical sphere before. Don’t know how they conjured this and I don’t care because Blunt has created a beast of an album!

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