SINNRS Sin In Style on Symphonically Driven Extreme Metal Beast “Profound”

Danish epic blackened death metal duo Sinnrs, featuring Nero and Maestus, emerged recently with their debut album Profound, and are ready to tear us all asunder. 

After short instrumental intro “Nihil,” it is “To Derive Eden’s Name” that starts the album off in a ferocious fashion that never really abates throughout the record’s ten tracks. Both crushing and melodic in it’s obvious intent it is an exceptional way to kick off proceedings. However, the ante is ramped up almost immediately as “The Storm of I” may well be one of the best tracks of the year. At times it is epic and at others downright brutal and suffocating just like the very best extreme metal can be.

The album as a whole is a fantastic piece of work so to single out individual tracks may do it a disservice. However, others worthy of particular mention are “No Promise to Mankind” which is a mid-pace black metal stroll through the bleakest of woodlands. Reminiscent of Behemoth and Fleshgod Apocalypse at their finest and there can be no compliment higher than that.

The musicality on offer here is nothing short of top notch from the rhythmic hammer blows led down a darkened bass path, to the dual guitar energy and precision.

Sinnrs are not merely content to walk a path already well trodden at every opportunity they add dashes of originality and invention to their music that allows them to rise higher than your mere good death metal bands into something a little more special.

Make sure to follow Sinnrs on FacebookProfound is available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.