WELCOME INSIDE THE BRAIN: Golden Era Prog in 2018

Coming out of left field to tickle your ears and mess with your musical mind is the wacky, whimsical, and wonderful Welcome Inside The Brain with their debut album, Celebrate The Depression. This Leipzig, Germany-based band blends everything from rock to jazz, symphonic to avant garde music to create clever and entertaining offering of progressive rock fusion.

Shifting tempos and odd time signatures rule the day, making most arrangements both quizzically head-scratching and undeniably ear candy sweet. And then there’s vocals, courtesy of brilliant Frank Mühlenberg

The music on Celebrate the Depression is like a huge mash up of from Weather Report to Pat Metheny to King Crimson to Brand X to Sun Ra to everything in between, only more complex and perplexing. If you like this sort of thing or simply want to step outside of your current musical listening box (and have the extra money to burn), you should check out this album. Recommended.

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