Zombie Strippers From Hell

The defining moment on Tales from the Other Side, Zombie Strippers from Hell’s debut album, is also its most unexpected. Just over halfway through, “Lovesong” – a raging heavy metal song and one of the heaviest tracks here – builds to its creepier, black metal climax. And then comes an acoustic interlude of “Twenty One,” speaking how diverse this record can get.

It’s with no small amount of delight to discover that Tales from the Other Side is an absolute corker. The band’s clever strategy of developing their songwriting chops beyond the catchy but straightforward rock pays off in droves. While it’s certainly no genrebusting reinvention, this record is still a stunning achievement, packed from start to finish with kaiju-sized choruses and without a single note out of place.

The production provides just enough sheen to make ZSfH sound at home on the radio without sacrificing the raw power of their trademark ’90s punk influences.

This isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a true journey, a tour de force of excellent songwriting. The kind of album you want to listen to again as soon as it’s over, Tales from the Other Side cements Zombie Strippers from Hell’s place as the Poland’s most exciting new band.

The album is available from Bandcamp here.

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