Best Audiophile Headphones Under $150

An audiophile is a lover or enthusiast of music or sound. Audiophile headphones cater to their audience with ultra-high-fidelity playback and a listening experience best described as “luxurious.” We wouldn’t recommend you take your pair of audiophile headphones on the subway — they’re simply too much of an investment to risk them getting damaged or lost. So then, what is the ideal time and place to use audiophile headphones?

That depends on your tastes, but we’d suggest the home as the best place to enjoy music through your audiophile headphones. Plug them in to your hi-fi system, put on your favorite record, and experience that classic album like it was the first time you’d ever heard it. Or take in a concert film by your favorite band and become part of the crowd. Watching a movie with audiophile headphones will bring out every detail — it’s an experience sure to give you a new appreciation for the sound design category at the next Academy Awards.

Entry-Level: Audiophile headphones under $150

True, audiophile headphones have a higher entry price point than other headphones, but if you’re on a budget, don’t fret — you can still get great sound through audiophile headphones for less than $150. AKG K240 Studio headphones provide some of the best value we’ve seen — they’re semi-open-back for an airy sound and feature a super-comfortable self-adjusting headband for long sessions. Pioneer’s reputation may lie in high-end DJ cans, but its HRM-5 Professional Studio Monitor offer an uncolored response at an incredible price point. Not to be overlooked, Sennheiser HD 200 PRO headphones carry the precision Sennheiser’s studio line is known for, in a streamlined, budget-friendly pair.

And not to forget Audio Technica M50x, which by many are by far the best entry-level headphones you can get.

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